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I think what attracted me to Billy's playing initially was that he hits the drums very hard and with authority. I'm a Metal/Rock drummer, and most of my favorite players (John Bonham, Dave Lombardo, Dave Grohl, Tomas Haake) have a very powerful style which attracted me to the drums in the first place. Billy was the first Jazz drummer who I saw really pounding his drums, with a whole lot of groove and musicality to boot! Inner Mounting Flame ranks as one of my favorite albums drum-wise because of how dynamic Billy is throughout (he has one of the largest dynamic ranges I've ever heard). "Meeting of the Spirits" and "Vital Transformation" were life-changing listens for me.

Anyone want to recommend to me other records with Billy on them that I need to add to my collection? Birds Of Fire and Spectrum are coming soon, but anyone else have any favorites that I should check out? Thanks.
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