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Well I've had a profile here but never posted my kit. Here is my Ludwig Accent Custom Elite five piece kit in Ice Blue sparkle. 100% birch shells with a lacquer finish not wrap. Sizes are 12x10 and 13x11 rack toms, 16x16 floor tom, and 14xcan't remember how deep the snare is haha. DW 7000 double bass pedal, ludwig, and gibraltar hardware. Cymbals are 14" Sabian AAX Stage Hihats, 14" Wuhan China, 22" Sabian AA Rock Ride, and a cracked 20" HHX Power Crash. I have Two other Sabian AA 18" crashes, one is a medium and the other is a Metal-X, that I intend on cutting out the crack for later use. Also intend on getting a 16" Wuhan china and a more crashable ride cymbal as well. I'm sure I'll post pictures again someday.

Please excuse my phone quality and darkness of my basement!

Christian. Drummer.
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