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Kenny must be one of the most widely respected rock drummers...or indeed, any drummers in the world. He has played with a massive amount of artists, and has proven his ability live and in the studio.

But I am going to be controversial and mention one thing I DON'T like about him.

Kenny writes a monthly 'drum diary' page for England's Rhythm magazine. And the way he writes is just odd (at least in the ones I have read). He doesn't really talk about days 'at the office' or interesting experiences all that much, like the other guys do. He just lists all the gigs and sessions he's done since the last column, lists all the gigs and sessions coming up, and then casually complains about having no time off. And something about the whole approach to me is a little...strange. It seems very conceited to me. I suppose he is in a position to be that way, and I also suppose it could be a bit of jealousy on my part.. But it strikes me as a little odd. If you're so busy, Mr Aronoff, and so wanting a break, start taking some. The chances of you running out of work are slim indeed. Why say yes to everybody and then moan about too much work?

Anyway, there's no denying his ability behind the kit. For that I give him full marks.
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