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Default Re: Check out Virgil

Originally Posted by Bernhard
Ahh, and Aidan: Critics have the right to's their job - don't ask them to drum.
And great Drummers: you NEVER hear a bad word from them, they are not critics and they don't do it either.
Well, it's a nice idea. But the most savage things I've ever heard anybody say about Virgil came from a guy with a page here on Drummerworld, so I must admit that doesn't reflect my experience.

As for Aidan, mate... you can't even figure out when somebody is on your side of an argument, how do you expect to win it? As for my playing, go rummage over in the "Your Playing" forum if you feel the urge. Nothing overly special, but since when has that devalued an opinion? Or do you have to be Steven Spielberg to say that Ewe Boll is a lousy director?
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