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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hey Todd...

Hope you're fine and healthy!

You know you inspired me tons and I'm not even gonna bother you with my rambling about 1996 anymore...

MM has taught me one more thing: Finally I want to start playing doublebass. For accents - I find it very appealing they way you utilize it and I'm at a point now with my play where I'm really satisfied with what I'm able to do with my right foot and I think about what possibilites my left foot might open up.

My question to you: I'm thinking about getting a danmar pad. Well, you use what looks like a single-pad. Is it because you think the larger double-pad would dampen the head too much?

Thanks, Todd! And all the best for your Dvd....I sense that something is cooking as I'm writing..


A. from Bavaria
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