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Default Re: Deciding on first electronic drum set - need advice

Originally Posted by jofizzm View Post
Yamaha all the way. Simmons feel super cheap, I don't have any experience with Alesis, and with Roland you're just paying for a name. E-kits don't feel like acoustic kits, plain and simple. Rubber heads are "dead" and offer little bounce back, mesh heads give too much. I own a DTXplorer and DTXpress IV and they have never let me down. I cannot say enough good things about them.
Agree!..I've owned both (roland and yamaha) my ears the yamaha's are a little more realistic in tone (if setup/edited right in the module)...and are more reasonable than roland...both brands are good though..

1. Yamaha three zone capability on all pads (on higher end models [i.e., dtx900, some pads on dtx500 & dtxpress IV]), two zone and single zone on dtxplorer...roland mostly uses two zone pads (three zone on higher end kits for ride cymbal, however this requires the use of two cables..yamaha, on their three zone kits accomplish this with one cable)
2. roland module interface a little more user friendly (at the begining), however, once you get used to either brand they both have good interfaces and are fairly easy to navigate around on...
3. most roland kits have vex packs that you can purchase..that tweak/enhance the already built in sounds of the module...yamaha on the dtx900 has external kits that you can purchase that are complete replacements of the built-in sounds...that are very nice sounding kits (made by VST companies and yamaha europe)
4. yamaha uses real drums from the company to sample their module sounds...the jury's out on whether roland uses real drum samples or their sounds are just synthesis
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