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Default Re: A funny state of the economy

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
GWB seemed to cop flak right at the very end but until then he had a saloon ride when compared with the nonstop Obama bashing. I keep reading how he's turning the US into a socialist state for bringing in a healthcare safety net like Europe, Australia & NZ. Canada have one too, don't they?
Absolutely correct. We're at a huge turning point, in this country. They like to call this country a "melting" pot, yet it's run by basically Protestant white guys. And that's gonna change here, real soon. The 40% caucasian minority/majority is soon gonna be evened by the growing latino population. With the women, african-american, asian, etc. voters ... that's how Obama got elected.
Now if all you watch (or mostly) is Fox and CNN, Fox is a totally "good old boy" network. They just recently "added" Juan Williams (one day a week?) after he was fired from NPR. The rest of the crew. Glen Beck, Bret Baier, Neil Cacuto, Bill O'Reilly. And darn near every female commentator/annalist they have on looks like barbie.
Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
One thing I found really freaky was during the earlier years of the Iraq war ... there were surveys showing that well over half of Americans thought Saddam was closely allied with Al Qaeda, when they were actually fierce ideological enemies, and his dictatorship largely kept Al Qaeda out of the country.
Again, people like to believe what they're told/what they "want" to hear, which ain't always the truth. When we first entered Iraq, I told people this was gonna be a 10 year war. Most didn't believe me.
But look at the facts. Sadam had the 4th largest army "in the world". Now, such a huge military presence in a country like Iraq is a sure indicator that "something ain't right". That "something" was, Sadam needed all those soldiers/tanks sitting on the general population to keep a civil war at bay. We go in there, take Sadam out, and "boom", suprise ... these folks really don't like each other, not so much.
People still won't accept that it's "all about oil" .... Iraq, second largest oil reserves in the world, behind Saudi Arabia, hmmmm, that they just put pen-to-paper, the largest oil deal "ever" to go down, between Iraq and China. Throw into the equation 2010 was the year China produced/sold 13 million cars (Japan 8 million, the US 6 million). State of the economy! Bush Sr. & Bush Jr. .... oil guys ... and they know a few oil guys.
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