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Default Re: A funny state of the economy

One thing I found really freaky was during the earlier years of the Iraq war ... there were surveys showing that well over half of Americans thought Saddam was closely allied with Al Qaeda, when they were actually fierce ideological enemies, and his dictatorship largely kept Al Qaeda out of the country.
I know that was interesting. Under Saddam Iraq qas a secular country and reaped the benefits of its oil production and the stranglehold it had on oil prices...ofcourse, it was all done with an iron fist.

GWB seemed to cop flak right at the very end but until then he had a saloon ride when compared with the nonstop Obama bashing. I keep reading how he's turning the US into a socialist state for bringing in a healthcare safety net like Europe, Australia & NZ. Canada have one too, don't they?
Australia, NZ and Canada are hardly socialist countries, the closest example of socialism is a country like Sweden, and up until the recent financial cunundrum social-democracy (as it has been called) has been the winning economic formula...even then, Sweden still embraces a market economy.

Sweden has public healthcare but atleast all of those taxes those people pay go into a functioning service.

I think the McCarthist-era has done a bit to minds of a lot of Americans, when they think socialism they think USSR - which was actually a terrible example of socialism in practice.

BTW, I'm not a supporter of public healthcare, but hey - sometimes it works, in Australia its going down the toilet at moment (nurses waited for weeks to get their pay, and waiting lists are getting really long) but atleast your check ups get subsidized.

It's a wonder ANYONE knows what's really going on. Try watching MSNBC for a few minutes and then switch to Fox News. Your head will explode!
I love watching propaganda with the idea in my mind that it is propaganda, it's amusing.
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