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Floey my bad. But it sure is hard to take " give it ten years and every drummer will sound like a machine LOL" as a compliment. I have read this statement a thousand times about different drummers and it has never been in a good light. But I have no right to not take your word as truth, I apologize. I do not apologize to the others that have used this and other forums to trash certain drummers repeatedly. Do we not have better things to do than repeatedly tear down other drummers who have accomplished far more than most ever will. Not once will you find me trashing another drummer even If I do not necessarily enjoy their playing. We all like who we like why go around openly ripping apart others. It honestly seems like some get a kick out of doing this. Why do it? What does it accomplish? It comes across as just foolish banter by people who seem to get a morbid joy by constantly critisizing others. Virg, Lang, Marco among others they are constantly getting crap by others who obviously are not a fraction of the drummer and musician that the aforementioned are. And the "Oh I am just giving my honest opinion, is that not the reason forums exist" statement got old ten years ago. Sharing ones thought in respectful manner is one thing but taking constant jabs at someone like a broken record player is too obvious to what the intent really is.

I apologize Bernhard for reacting to certain "critics" repeatedly foolish comments. It is your board and I need to respect your wishes, no matter how hard it is not to respond to the kind of crap that constantly comes up.

And Bernhard your statements are VERY true about the truly Great drummers having better things to do than put down other musicians.
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