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Default Re: A funny state of the economy

Originally Posted by Pkaneps View Post
Obama is being criticized just as much as Bush was, in fact I think Bush might have had it worse, at least in my circles.
Sure PK, but personal circles are different. I'm talking about the mainstream media - the stuff that a high proportion of the population tune absorb daily.

GWB seemed to cop flak right at the very end but until then he had a saloon ride when compared with the nonstop Obama bashing. I keep reading how he's turning the US into a socialist state for bringing in a healthcare safety net like Europe, Australia & NZ. Canada have one too, don't they?

One thing I found really freaky was during the earlier years of the Iraq war ... there were surveys showing that well over half of Americans thought Saddam was closely allied with Al Qaeda, when they were actually fierce ideological enemies, and his dictatorship largely kept Al Qaeda out of the country.
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