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Default Re: You have to “make it” outside your own country first

Australia has become an insanely expensive Country to live in right now. I was first here in 2002 and a wage could go a long way with groceries and fuel etc.........when I returned in 2006 and to now it is going off the radar. Everything is stupidly expensive

Here is an example, I bought Dave Mustaine's bio for $39

On Amazon UK I can ship it here for $16.........

Now they are talking of increasing the tax on imported goods so they are clicking onto people buying stuff from the States..........

Guitarist here went into a Guitar shop who had the Mesa Boogie amp he wanted, they wanted $5000...........he got it shipped from the States for $2800

I guess we are going off topic here ha ha.......

But back on topic sought off, I have heard from a very good source that ARIA is about to go bust!!!

Also there was something like 65 Music Festivals in Aus this year, 80% of those have gone bust!!!!

Food for thought.....
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