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Default Re: A funny state of the economy

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post

Nhozo ... Fox News is the main one. There's another ... forgot the name ... begins with C, a three letter acronym.
and CNN ... too funny ....
CNN is actually a news channel. And although there is bias there (I mean really, there's bias "everywhere" now) ... they at least cover news ... and relate facts.
Fox, on the other hand, is strictly a very right-wing conservative "entertainment" channel ... masquerading as a news channel. On a perpetual 24/7 Obama-bash cycle. They get, on an average 13-18% of the viewers market, which is basically all of the conservative, right-wing Tea Party people.
Originally Posted by aydee View Post

and how as laymen we are reacting to it and the policies or the lack of that might be contributing to the mess.

The current economy, and situation ... kinda like the Cloverfield monster trashing New York. What can you do about it? Duck for cover when it's right on top of you. Run when you get a chance.
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