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Default Re: A funny state of the economy

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Pol, its the best system we have and its not perfect. Thats the duality of our times that we need to live with.
And you would be right to say the US is the proof of it. The US doomsday theorists seem to keep forgetting that in absolute terms on almost any parameter, the US still outdistances, W Europe, Japan,China etc by very long shots.
Better on absolute terms ... against hugely overpopulated countries with depleted or far fewer resources. Lower life expectancy. High obesity rates. Even weaker on the happiness index. Highest incarceration rates. High murder rates. War after war. Now you're going to have to deal with the Tea Party. You have a massive foreign debt and the main thing that seems to be holding the US up is that the main creditor, China, cannot afford to see the US to go downhill quickly ... but rest assured, they have the money and they are in a position to pull the strings. Agree with PQ that whomever has the money has the power.

That's why my heart sinks a little whenever I see Oz blindly following in the US's wake, not necessarily the good things - just the wars, the violence, the hunt for bigger / better / flashier ... the obsession with the zero sum game of positional goods. If we took on the US's jazz or customer service ethos it would be more encouraging.

Nhozo ... Fox News is the main one. There's another ... forgot the name ... begins with C, a three letter acronym. I was on a two-day course recently. Every time we had a break I'd see the TV in the breakout room showing this US channel. The only time they didn't have commentators wringing their hands about Obama was during the reviews for the new Harry Potter film. It made Sydney's Channel 9 look like an honest broker. I'm looking forward to seeing the new HP film ...

Even plain old Google news suddenly became full of stuff kicking Obama. You'd think that a healthcare safety net was something straight out of the Kremlin in the 70s rather than something most OECD countries have.

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