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Default Re: A funny state of the economy

Originally Posted by BassDriver View Post
...I go with the philosophy that governments are pretty harmful, they shouldn't really get involved in the economy...

...if it wasn't for governments, there wouldn't be so many corporations getting out of hand with shonky business practices.

Less government interference = more economic competition = less monopolies = better for consumer

I see labels thrown around quite a bit, Libertarians believe in a state - but basically the bare minimum of state - one that protects your rights but doesn't get involved in the economy...

...anarchists go with the absolute removal of state...there is a difference...

...although how a government is going to stay standing without taxes is going to be a challenge because taxing anything is government interference in the economy which goes against the libertarian principle of the state not getting involved in the economy.

While that's true, there isn't such thing as a free market on a mass scale...

Unfortunately too many left-wingers are confusing state-capitalism and free-market capitalism under the same banner of capitalism and then saying its bad.
Bass...I countered all of these assertions and agreed with others, in detail, already. I'll just refer back to the conversation between Polly and I.

The only bit that I'll add is; you're confusing classical liberalism with libertarianism. It matters not who lays claim to words but rather the content of their character and the measure of their actions. There is a rich history here, on both sides, dating back to The Enlightenment (and even prior.)

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
The idea was to discuss the sweeping economic changes this recession/depression is bringing about and how as laymen we are reacting to it and the policies or the lack of that might be contributing to the mess.
This is the most productive course of discussion. It is possible to focus on economics and leave political debate out of the picture, but it requires a slightly more superficial dialogue.

I'll reiterate; the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle explains the current depression as well as recessions/depressions, past and present. See this post:
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