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Default Re: A funny state of the economy

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Pull the other one, nhozo, it plays Jingle Bells. You might be surprised that I'm not the straw woman leftie that you seem to think I am. I'm no political warrior looking for things to justify my views. I just watch ... and the intensity of the US media when it comes to Obama is amazing. He's getting smashed. The other bloke got off easy.
Well you may be surprised to know I am not as ultra right wing as you think. Now that we have that out of the way I am wondering what US media you are watching wayy down there? Because honestly to make the statement that Bush got off easy compared to Obama even the bloodiest of the left would agree that this is a ludicrous statement.

If anything he is being treated by the media as any other president has been treated.. There are biased media outlets so you have to take that into consideration, if yoour watching Fox than they are biased to the right, if your watching msnbc, cbs, abc, nbc,cnn, or any hollywood actor or comedian wannabe then they are biased towards the left.

hard to tell these days so ya kind of gotta sort through all the BS,
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