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Default Re: A funny state of the economy

There a part of me that would love to see markets replace govt but it's an impossible dream. The first problem is that if you strip the power from government where does it go? Nature abhors a vacuum. You end up with multinationals as feudal lords - defacto government. Distortions caused by economies of scale would run riot even more than it's been allowed to do now. A recipe for instability ... and stability is the plank on which western prosperity was built.
I like the idea of the services a government provides being met by a competitive market, atleast services like public transport will be provided properly...

...I go with the philosophy that governments are pretty harmful, they shouldn't really get involved in the economy...

...if it wasn't for governments, there wouldn't be so many corporations getting out of hand with shonky business practices.

Less government interference = more economic competition = less monopolies = better for consumer

Libertarians are anarchists. Political "libertarians", such as the partyarchs involved with the LP, are something else entirely. The of libertarian philosophy is the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP), which when followed to its logical conclusion, consistently, cannot advocate statism in any form.
I see labels thrown around quite a bit, Libertarians believe in a state - but basically the bare minimum of state - one that protects your rights but doesn't get involved in the economy...

...anarchists go with the absolute removal of state...there is a difference...

...although how a government is going to stay standing without taxes is going to be a challenge because taxing anything is government interference in the economy which goes against the libertarian principle of the state not getting involved in the economy.

Free markets are everywhere. Have you ever sold something to another person, privately? Ever been to a yard sale? A flea market? Ever bought and/or sold something on the internet? In the USSR, the black market saved the lives of millions by supplying goods and services to people where the state had destroyed their ability to do it in the open. Again, the powerful already exploit the the less powerful...with the threat of death. This seems as barbaric, anti-social, and un-safe as could be imagined, since they use a monopoly on legal power to justify it and are accountable to no one. This is a subversion of the safeguards and accountability inhertent in voluntary, free market relationships (as illustrated.)
While that's true, there isn't such thing as a free market on a mass scale. When people are told they are in a free economy (when it comes to big markets) they are being lied to because there are always taxes and regulations.

Western prosperity was built atop state-capitalism. Think of this as a farm for free-range animals. Free-range animals have the illusion of freedom and thus are more productive. In the end, they still go to slaughter. Since state-capitalism resembles free markets in some ways, it is more productive than say, communism. Both systems are inevitable failures, however, it's just the degree of intervention into markets that determines how long this process takes.
Unfortunately too many left-wingers are confusing state-capitalism and free-market capitalism under the same banner of capitalism and then saying its bad.
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