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Default Re: A funny state of the economy

Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
Are you joking?? there were more protests than not.. I guess we all only see what we want to see eh?
Pull the other one, nhozo, it plays Jingle Bells. You might be surprised that I'm not the straw woman leftie that you seem to think I am. I'm no political warrior looking for things to justify my views. I just watch ... and the intensity of the US media when it comes to Obama is amazing. He's getting smashed. The other bloke got off easy.

But Vince, yeah, there is a lot more tolerance when things are going okay. Given the time lag of consequences of policy decisions, it's inevitable that the system will punish politicians who create and reward those who live off the fat of those measures or scrimp on infrastructure spending in the good times.

For sure, the system sucks in a number of ways but I don't think that throwing it all out in favour of an untested theoretical model is going to be a panacea either. I can't think of any time in human history that there's been a power vacuum at the top. Someone's always going to take.

Too many people, the weight of history, media barons' agendas, resources running down, competition for those resources, fundamentalism masquerading as The Answer ... not a recipe for smooth operating IMO.

Massive issues, no real answer ... so I play drums and tennis, and surf the net. I think it would be wonderful if an unencumbered free market could deliver but I can't see it. The US must be the freeest market in the world yet even with its incredible resources and developed economy it's doing worse on a range of metrics than a whole bunch of other countries with more regulated markets. The foreign debt is mind-blowing and that was always going to bite at some stage.
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