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Originally Posted by Aidan
That is a first. Virgil sounds like Steve Smith and Dave Weckl. In 12 years of listening to Virg that is the first time I have ever heard anyone say that he even remotely sounds like those guys. Virgil absolutely has his own sound and it is nothing close to those guys WOW!! And lets just say that he wont be needing to take lessons from Weckl or Smith any time soon. No actually it is Dave Weckl that has said that Virgil is SO GOOD! that he cannot imagine the time and discipline to develop his technique and chops.

And hey Floey and Finnihgans or whatever lets hear your playing. Come on let hear your contributions to the music world. I got an idea go knock on the doors of Steve Weingart, Brett Garsed, Bunny Brunel, Tony Mac, Mitch Forman, Tom Kennedy, or Allan Holdsworth and on and on and show them how terrific you are as players and not just windbags sucking on sour grapes and maybe they might want to record an album with you or go down to the Potato and Jam, since you are all that. You might even get to charge people 20 bucks a pop since you are that good. You guys are nothing but blowhards. What you play with your local jazz band, I am impressed. Or know do not tell me you actually got some guys together to record an album. The locals really like your playing GREAT! I am really impressed now. AH you have read many books on what a REAL drummer is, I see lots of head knowledge. It hurts to know you will never have the stature of certain artists that you like to put down.

I got one next time PASIC rolls around and Virg is playing to a thousand people, walk up grab the microphone and say, "hey everyone do not waste your time with this guy he is pathetic, I am hear to show you what real drumming is all about and then you can actually show Virg how to really play musically. And you might want to ask Steve Smith or Vinnie or Weckl or Chambers or Lang why they are sitting in the crowd wasting their time watching Virg. You might want to enlighten them. Then you might ask why PASIC did not invite you to play before a thousand people. Or you might just want to "kill them softly with your amazing words of wisdom and insight. I am sure they will enjoy the comedy routine.
whoa there dude, think before you type. if anything i was complimenting virgil, his playing is inhuman and i happen to be a fan. I dont know what your problem is but please take it out somewhere else.
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