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Default Re: A funny state of the economy

[quote=PQleyR;767963]There is also of course the fact that Obama, who was elected under the banner of hope and change, has consistantly followed the same course as the previous administration, and gone back on most of his promises. I think people hoped that this eloquent, intelligent man would go where no politician has gone for a long time and actually do what he said he was going to do, and since he's comprehensively failed to do that they have reason to be unhappy with him.quote]

Myunderstanding is that he has been opposed by Congress at every turn. You can only make changes if you're allowed to do so. Vince, if it's two peas in a pod it's because most of the govt personnel are the same, even if the Pres has changed.

Also, as said earlier, an ocean liner can't be turned around straight away - major policy directions determined in the past need to be worked through.

Vince, you say a monopoly might not exist in a free market but that's only if you start with a level playing field. However, the way things are the major players hold all the aces and any freeing will only allow them to entrench their power at a faster rate.

As I say, it's a wicked problem, old bean.
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