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I am surprised not to see more comments on Phil Collins' work in this thread. So many pages on some other great drummers, and only two comments on Collins ?

I think we tend to forget how good a drummer he is, after all the success he had as a singer...

He is for sure one of my favorite drummers, and probably to me the ultimate "play for the song" player... He was great when the songs called for astonishing technique, subtle cymbals playing (the lamb lies down is such a great cymbal album...) , tasty fills, and his playing is still allways very impressive in the more "self-contained" format of his pop song days (which I don't care much about though...).

"A trick of the tail" alos has great drum parts... Robbery assault and battery - Dance on a volcano. There is so much energy in his playing...

A great player, and a great composer as well - allthough each sides of his carreer is aimed at a very very different public....
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