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Default Re: My Dirty Little Collection..

The middle pic contains the following, again left to right:

8 x 14 Tulipwood segment snare
6.5 x 14 Pearl Free Floater
3.5 13 Keller 10 ply in a rainbow finish (Explanation below)
8 x 14 Ludwig Coliseum 6-ply in Blue Marble finish and aluminum cast hoops
7 x 13 Keller 10 ply with a sunburst fade
6.5 x 14 Slingerland Steel shell

The Tulipwood is my favorite. It has patina'd a bit. It was originally more purple and reddish. I made this one for me.

The piccolo was the shops finish sample shell. There are 11 different colors on there. We numbered the inside so someone could just say I want finish number 'X' and we'd know exactly which one they were talking about. Well, when he was going out of business and pissed at the world, he started to chuck stuff in the garbage. I stopped him and said I'd make a snare out of it. Same with the 7 x 13 Keller, raw shell I saved from the garbage.
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