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Default Re: My Dirty Little Collection..

Thanks everyone.

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
HOLY COW! What a collection. You need to explain about each one now. I see some incredible block construction in there. Wow, you just don't see this every day.
I guess it isn't nice to post pics and tease without the specs.... so here we go:

I've been making segment drums for around 15 years now. I did make all of these, although they didn't start out to be mine. All of the drums with the larger 'Goetz' badge were made by me including the Keller shells. Long story short, I worked with another guy at his drum shop. Some of these were made for the shop to sell. When he was going out of business and needed cash, I bought the ones I wanted (at a much better price).

The ATA case holds the 5 snares I carried on the road. Left to Right:

6.5 x 14 Ludwig Hammered Bronze with the older die cast hoops.
6.5 x 14 Purpleheart segment snare 3/8" thick w/ 24k gold hardware
6 x 14 Sonor HLD 596 Bronze snare rare bird with Designer hardware
6.5 x 14 Keller 8-ply (my first drum build)
7 x 14 Cocobola segment snare 5/16" thick

The purpleheart was my first segment and intended to be mine. The cocobola was made for the shop, but I liked it....
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