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Default Re: You have to “make it” outside your own country first

What you mean by "making it" is different for different musicians and artists. Some musicians prefer their career to be small venue shows after small venue shows, maybe being signed to a small independent artist is enough.

Meanwhile, before Sydney became the poker machine capital of the world and had a music scene, some fine bands would come over here after outgrowing their native New Zealand.
I think Pollyanna can understand, the John Butler Trio has been quite successful in Australia signed to an "independent" label.

Would you say that the state of the Australian music business can atleast partially be explained nicely by the lack of value the average Australian has for creativity?

Australia is basically an intellectual, creative and artistic desert...think of the kind of people the expatriate Australians are...they're not leaving because of the standard of living, they are leaving to countries that value exceptionality...and tax much less.
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