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Default Re: A funny state of the economy

Vince, I don't have time to go through everything bit by bit but I do understand that libertarians are 1) very passionate and 2) seek the same things as any of us want - freedom without anarchy .

We have a system that has delivered better outcomes in terms of stability and living standards than in any time in history. Perhaps the model in which it was built has outlived its usefulness? Could be. However, the alternatives offered strike me as idealistic, unrealistic and unconvincing. There are a lot of "experts" who seem to know better than the experts.

The stateless society is an impossible dream (apart from the anarchy in Somalia). As I said, take away the state and someone else will fill the power void. That someone will be the most powerful amongst us - multinationals and organised crime rings. What we would end up with is a collection of feudal lords, at least some based overseas. As it is, they are already pulling the strings, with government acting as both a puppeteer and, thankfully, a filter.

I believe that no system can work ideally when you crowd a squillion people on the planet. What we have is a wicked problem. All I know is the Tea Party and its equivalents are going the wrong way but it's to be expected that when times are hard people pine for the glory days and will cling to any snake oil salesman (or sales woman, as seems to be the case) who promises a return to the good old days. History demonstrates that this approach ends up in disaster.

Hopefully people won't be fooled, although Rupert Murdoch's stable of bias-merchants seem to be calling the shots more than I'd like.

This ain't pessimism - it's reality. In short: too many people, certainly too many for a systemless society without the coordination that government brings. Bear in mind that we already have systems that reflect human nature, hence their existence.
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