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Well after checking out some more stuff to investigate the possibilities to why people might bash this guy, here is my conclusion.

I think he plays too much like Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Vinnie C., but not as well. I think he should make his own niche and be a monster ROCK player and cut back on the fusiony stuff that (just my opinion) he doesn't pull off very well.

He strikes me as one of Steve Smith's better students, and not a peer. I liked some stuff I saw with him jamming with his band better!

And yes he is way better than me, but for the 427th time, what does that matter???? We are talking about Virgil Donati here, not Stu Strib. I would gladly take lessons from Virgil, and I would have no qualms telling him I think he sounds a bit like a student of Steve Smith instead of a genuinely unique drummer. He might punch me, but oh well ;-)

Sorry, I'm trying to be Simon Cowell-esque here with some sort of witty analogy, but that's all I got.
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