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Default Re: A funny state of the economy

Originally Posted by zambizzi View Post
There are no political solutions to our problems, only market solutions. Look within for leadership. The "Tea Party", liberals, conservatives, etc. - it's all indistinguishably imminent failure and a frivolous waste of your time and energy. These people are intentionally vague and contradictory in their expressed goals because they don't serve you, they serve themselves.
There a part of me that would love to see markets replace govt but it's an impossible dream. The first problem is that if you strip the power from government where does it go? Nature abhors a vacuum. You end up with multinationals as feudal lords - defacto government. Distortions caused by economies of scale would run riot even more than it's been allowed to do now. A recipe for instability ... and stability is the plank on which western prosperity was built.

Government is a necessary evil to provide stability by tempering power imbalances (nothing like dealing with a multinational when they rip you off - you get the finger and there's not a thing you can do about it). If we could find a way of getting governments to focus on sensible things like helping to temper the natural excesses to which market will naturally gravitate rather than waging counter-productive wars or imposing their religious dogmas on us regarding what we do with our own bodies, it'd be cool.
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