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Default Nicholas Howard Barker - mods feel free

as i didn't find much nick barker-devoted stuff on here, i thought i'd ask.

during his Cradle of Filth-era, am i the only one that notices when he plays blastbeats with the snare leading/on the beat, that it sounds like the kick plays on the odd-numbered beats

eg The Twisted Nails Of Faith - the snare-led blastbeat that comes sounds like

china xxxxxxxxxxxx-etc
snare xxxxxxxxxxxx-etc
kick x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-etc

rather than

china xxxxxxxxxxx
snare xxxxxxxxxxx
kick xxxxxxxxxxx

I'm not debating whether or not he means to do this, frankly who cares & we'll never know
I noticed it when thinking that, despite his comfortability with fast extended kick rolls, he opts to two-foot blast the quicker things, right? well this blastbeat im mentioning (i think it's also used for the blastbeat that opens his version (1994) of The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh) sounds as though he was doing simultaneous hands and feet and two-footing the kick to match, and as if by accident the left kick wasn't picked up by the mics

I ask because I've never heard anyone else mention this.

What is a 'hyper thrash blast' and a 'thrash blast' anyway?
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