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Default Re: You have to “make it” outside your own country first

Hey Toddy. I don't doubt that theres a fair few british bands i'd like, likewise with aussie bands, it's just I have a hard time finding them. When trying to find new music, i generally go to and search a subgenre or go to an artist i like and find 'similar artists'. I then have a listen to a few of the previews they have and see which bands i like. I find that nearly every band i've found this way come from the US or various parts of mainland europe. I do like radiohead alot, but thats about it from England. Other popular bands i like are Mars Volta, RHCP, John Frusciante solo stuff, Led Zep, Dire Straits, Hendrix, older Linkin Park, Nirvana, Pixies and Them Crooked Vultures. I like many other bands but chances are not too many people have heard of them. If you have a few UK bands you want to recommend, i'm all ears.

And Spides, funny you should mention that about Yves Klein Blues. I knew of the drummer in the band as he went to my school, but I'd never heard them play. Heard them on the radio once and thought it was some british band. Ended up hearing them live with my friend, and i was like...i recognise that song! Was a bit surprised haha.

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