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Default Re: A funny state of the economy

Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
So why we are all distracted with our arguments dems, rep's conservative, liberal.. the real smart people are doing this..
They don't even have to be real smart ... but it sure helps, if your really rich. Now we got this "big debate" over extending the tax cuts, by "another" 2 years. So. if we need to "extend them" .... (gee Dr. Science, that means they're "already there") ... For 9 years, and all during "that" time .... did we see any jobs created? Did we see any "economic stimulus"? ... who "are" all these small business owners (who make "over $250,000 a year)? All the "small business owners" I know, fall into that "median" category .... $50K (or less).
If I made close to $250K, I'd gladly give 50% up, for taxes. I think I could still manage on an income of $125K. That's only about 14 times what I'm making, now .... all the while .... this diatribe "extend ... expire" BS is over 3%.
And this whole communism, socialism, libraltarianism, semantics .... who cares "what" you call it. It's coming. Like the big alien motherships, from another planet. You can't run. You can't hide. You ain't got a vote in the matter. It's coming. And it's bigger than any one government/nation. It's the "New World Order" in HD.
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