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Default Re: You have to “make it” outside your own country first

I guess I am finding a lot of these bands albums are only really containing three or four good songs and the rest is just forgetful and poor on the Aussie scene.............Birds of Tokyo, Temper Trap, Josh & Julia Stone are such artists that spring to mind for me.........

when I was in the UK I thought Yves Klein Blue were English as they had that identical sound to The Kooks etc and low and behold they are a Brissie band!!

cast your mind back to a truely great album where you love every song and don't want it to that is years for me...........

Also drums_n_surf moving to Tokyo or whatever I doubt a band couldn't fail to be honest........being from Aus or anywhere outside of Japan will gain you masses of immediate publicity...........the music press would be all over it ha ha
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