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Default Re: A funny state of the economy

Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
The war of Iraq was Bush backed by 99% of politicians democrats and republicans so do not try to say just the Tea Party who by the way was not even around at the time is responsible for it.
I said the "proto Tea Party" old boy. And we all know it was the hawks in the inner sanctum who pushed for the invasion. Neither Colin Powell and his allies or the Dems would have pushed for the invasion but it's common to get bilateral agreement once a the push for war is on so there's no accusations of lack of patriotism or playing politics. It was a destructive decision for both the US and Iraqi citizens, one that many knew to be based on spurious reasoning.

Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
Millions of people wasted in prison?, 30% are not even citizens yet we are paying for their room and board (which 90% of the time is better than being free in their own country) Shore up the border.. that would create jobs would'nt it?
Don't ask me why but the US has long had very high imprisonment rates. A few years ago a woman who hosted a party for her teen son was gaoled for 2 years because alcohol was available at the party (even though she made them hand in their keys). She was just a regular mum who caved into her son's pressure. I'm a big fan of slugging people in the hip pocket rather than using gaol for people who are not dangerous.

As an HR practitioner I find the over-quick approach to imprisonment there is a terrible waste of human resources - almost like declaring war on sections of your own population.

Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
Everyone is starting to expect handouts and when they don't get it they resort to crime, and end up getting a handout 1 way or the other.
It's a fine line between fostering a welfare mentality and hanging people out to dry. Thing is, if people can't afford food and shelter they will turn to illegal means to survive. It's a whole infrastructure issue, requiring a range of measures too complex for drummers to fully understand.
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