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Default Re: A funny state of the economy

Polly, I don't know what your reading but I have not seen any 1 word answers to anything other than health care (single payer system). The war of I raq was Bush backed by 99% of politicians democrats and republicans so do not try to say just the Tea Party who by the way was not even around at the time is responsible for it.

Our gov't is still borrowing $5billion a day right now...???

Millions of people wasted in prison?, 30% are not even citizens yet we are paying for their room and board (which 90% of the time is better than being free in their own country) Shore up the border.. that would create jobs would'nt it?

Everyone is starting to expect handouts and when they don't get it they resort to crime, and end up getting a handout 1 way or the other.
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