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Default Re: A funny state of the economy

Nhozo, the Tea Party is there to provide simple answers to complex problems. It's mostly emotional and lacks policy substance. Silver bullets don't work. The proto-Tea Party was in power for 8 years and made a mess. Invading Iraq was a massive own goal.

The US today faces what economists call "wicked problems" ... there is NOTHING any government can do at present to make things right. The nation is going through a decline period and it's inevitable because of forces that have built for 30-40 years, and some forces that have been niggling for over 200. You can't turn around an ocean liner just like that, which is what the Tea Party promises.

Other forces are out of the US's control given the huge debt they've accrued with China. What's in your favour is that China has a strong interest in not letting the US go down the gurgler fast.

Ultimately, the US needs to boost productivity and to do something about all the people who it's traditionally allowed to fall through the net ... when you have too many "losers" you get destructive agents who actively drain and sabotage society and the economy rather than add to it ... one million people wasted in prison, ghettos that breed organised crime. Not pushing a welfare state ... more early intervention. Huge job ahead ...
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