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Default Re: You have to “make it” outside your own country first

Originally Posted by drums_n_surf View Post
Yeah its definately rubbish, my band before we broke up was going to try and make in Tokyo. Wasn't my idea, but it seemed alot more appealing then trying to get noticed locally.

I guess I can't complain too much, I know when i'm on the look out for new music, i tend to look at US, scandanavian or mainland european bands (not a big fan of british music in general) for some new songs. I know that most of the aussie stuff is fairly rubbish and can't be bothered to find the odd good one as there is so much more quality overseas.
Still sounding familiar, the difference being that a guy I was in a band with in my teens joined another band later that DID go to Japan, and did a whole lot better there than here. Not saying that so you kick yourself :)

I see local bands by recommendation - it saves on kissing frogs.

A weird thing I've noticed of late, with the bar scene decimated by pokies, noise complaints and dance clubs. Regular clubs seem to only be hiring the high profile people. Now my band is doing the rounds of bowling clubs, which seem to have found the need to get hip to survive. These former bastions of elderly beer swilling are now putting on entertainment and pulling younger crowds at night. Not necessarily young ... but younger.

In the old days I'd thought playing a bowling club was about the most uncool gig possible but these ones we've done lately have been heaps of fun.
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