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Default Re: You have to “make it” outside your own country first

Originally Posted by spides666 View Post
Well I moved from London to Brisbane (not for musical reasons) and yeah looking at the Aussie scene it does seem most bands do believe they need to leave these shores to 'make' it...recent ARIA (British version of the BRITS) pretty much cemented that with a band The Temper Trap (moved ot the UK) winning best single for a song that was released in 2008

In Brisbane the music venues are closing down, I'm playing in an original band here and have played well known venues but to ten or fifteen people most shows

Also seems ironic as was said Powderfinger never cracked Europe or America but also chose to stay living in Aus at the time.....look at AC/DC, none of the band live in Aus anymore........singer from Jet (hate that band) singer is moving to Italy!!
Wow Spides, the scene sounds as dead in Brissie as it does in Sydney :(

If I was young and ambitious I'd move to Europe - Britain or the mainland - for sure.
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