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Default Re: You have to “make it” outside your own country first

Originally Posted by toddy View Post
how do you know that a market will always be niche anyway?
It certainly looks that way because more and more new styles keep cropping up. There is more diversity now, more smaller sub-genres with their own diehard fanbase, it's a melting pot of styles compared to 20 years ago (you mentioned Grunge). Years ago, lots of people in mass society probably had the same albums in their collections, because they all read the same magazines and shopped at the same stores. That's not the case anymore as you know.

Also, I never set a figure on what niche is, but obviously some goregrind band who sing about who knows what in pig squeels and grunts are going to have a harder time “reaching” more people, no matter what circles they push it through. Bands often say, “all we need is a label and distribution” as though that in and of itself will solve the problem of their music only being for certain people. What's the biggest turnout for one of those niche bands? One or two thousand in some of the larger cities? Compare that to any mainstream band.

I'll agree, noone can predict what will become popular. I'm just noticing the musical landscape being fractured into more and more niche genres. This is becoming the norm in my eyes anyway. Some bands will of course go viral and ascend to mainstream, or mass societal popularity, but I would bet my bottom dollar that most bands will remain in the underground struggling to make a living (if that is their goal). Because, with so many bands having to rely on other revenues now that CD sales are down, touring is still going to be expensive if you are travelling to far off places to play for only 200-400 hundred people.

Originally Posted by toddy View Post
however when the bands tour they will often target specific places, because that makes sense to do.
That's always been the way. It's why, for years, no bands ever toured territories that didn't stock copies of their albums.

It always make me laugh when unsigned bands with say, a demo, hit the road with the intent of making new fans. Playing gigs doesn't always generate a fanbase. Shows are what you set-up to entertain fans after they've discovered you (through hearing your records, reading good reviews of your music, seeing you on YouTube, getting a burned copy of your CD from a friend of theirs, etc).

Originally Posted by toddy View Post
There are many modern "niche" artists that do perfectly well for themselves. boards of canada, aphex twin, venetian snares, infected mushroom, explosions in the sky, sufjan stevens, to name a couple. there are various forms of dance music, rock, acoustic, heavy music that have basically always been niche (I would prefer the term "underground", i.e. brutal death metal, black metal, etc - yet many of the bands with the best songs & most talent are still on the road, years later.
Absolutley, but none of us will ever get to see what those bands are making. What is “perfectly well”? I learned not to judge someone's financial wealth or wellbeing based on their outward appearance; they could be in deep debt for all you know. Just like some business suit driving his BMW past you in the street. You might think, hmmm he's done well for himself to aquire all that, but at the same time, he could have it all paid with credit and lately has been getting phone calls from his lendors.
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