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Default Re: What're you doing for Thanksgiving?

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
For some reason my British wife has really taken to the whole Thanksgiving thing. Myself, I don't give a damn about it. But she does the turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy and, to my great astonishment, she once even brought home some really cheesy pilgrim salt and pepper shakers and a gravy server thing that looks like a turkey. The gravy pours out the the turkey's beak. We only use those once a year.

She thinks it a real hoot, very kitsch and all, but I just think it's weird.
Sounds like a keeper to me.

I totally get it.

I'm a bigtime Holiday Nerd (you can probably tell from all my Avatars).

Just wait for December. Its gonna get way out of hand!.
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