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Default Re: You have to “make it” outside your own country first

Originally Posted by Tommyland View Post
That too is a big part of it. Chris Anderson made it quite clear in The Long Tail how niche markets are becoming more widespread but obviously, will only cater to a select few people. Your bands music will eventually reach saturation point, where only a certain number of people like that kind of music. Bands, unless their music is very commercial or appeals to the lowest common denominator, now have it harder trying to take their cult following to "the next level" even if it is easier and cheaper to distribute music today (digitally) than in the past (tape trading/record labels, etc).
Interesting point that makes sense.

But on the flip side, from an artistic point of view, these cult status bands have a lot more freedom, without the big labels telling them how to sound, telling them to use outside songwriters, and otherwise changing them around the way so many bands from the 70's and 80's were.
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