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Default Re: What're you doing for Thanksgiving?

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Gimme flavor!!!!!

Give it a try, Harry..

1) rub the bird with vegge oil ( the usual )
2) get some Tandoori masala from you local desi store
3) mix with either yogurt or lemon juice, ( depending on your taste ) and apply.
4) marinade for 24 hours
5) roast, basting with butter
6) stuff with whatever you want but be sure to use rice as well.
7) Mint Chutney, and Cranberry Sauce will complete the story.

You will thank me, bud.

This sounds so amazing. I think I am going to have the normal Thanksgiving dinner. We are hosting it at my place this year because I bought some new furniture and everybody is excited to see it. It took me awhile to get everything right, but I am really excited about the outcome and I am looking forward to showing it all off! But maybe I can suggest making this rather than the "traditional" turkey we normally eat?

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