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Default Re: What're you doing for Thanksgiving?

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
Yes, I've had many Christmas dinners in England. I dig the "crackers" but I refuse to wear the paper hat.

And what's the deal with brussel sprouts? Those things are just nasty.

Anyway, my wife finds American traditions to be quite amusing . She has a very ironic take on Thanksgiving. Myself, I don't get it at all.
Ahh the good old christmas cracker paper hat. My grandparents seemed to have made it some tradition that every christmas we had to wear those, my granddad would always steal the gold one as if it made him the king of the table... erghh. The worst thing are the "toys" you get, the jokes are cool though.

As for brussel sprouts, I'm honestly not sure. The first rule of brussel sprouts are that they are only ever to be consumed at Christmas. Personally I hate them. I love the "pigs in blankets though" (sausage wrapped in bacon), those are awesome.

I would like to go to a thanksgiving celebration one day in America, it looks fun, I think I just need to find a nice american girl. One that owns a house overlooking Malibu Beach would be a good start.
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