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Default Re: Suggestions on a career path?

+1 Gruntersdad

I work in a hospital too. But in general, I'd say if you're handy with computers at all, go in to IT (Information Technology). That's where my long, twisty road through college put me. It's not a specific field either. I've done everything from replace hardware in people's homes ("You're welcome ma'am!"), VoIP, video conferencing, cabling, networking, AUDIO, web-development.....if it has lights and buttons, IT has something to do with it.

I've been in the IT game for just under a decade, and I can say everything on your list is checked off. I help people every day, work with a team, I used to travel a lot, and the field is changing all the time.

Let me add some things you HAVE to be that you didn't mention in your list.

1. Self motivated. Doing your job is not doing your job. Doing your job and finding better ways to do your job on your own is a survival skill.
2. Creativity. You probably have this being a musician, but there's always things where you don't have anyone to ask how to do it. You have to find a way.
3. Resourceful. You can't tap your elders shoulder everytime you don't know what to do. You have to be able to get out there and find your own answers.
4. Communication. You have to be able to do things like take a technical problem and explain it convincingly to non-technical people holding the checkbook.
5. Determination. This is not an easy field to survive in, but I've seen the down-in-the-trenches people outlast the brianiacs. It takes being ready to fight smart every single day. It's a very what-have-you-done-for-me-lately gig. You're awesome save last week doesn't mean anything today.

Give it a look. Feel free to message me if you have questions. Even if it isn't with my group, I'm always ready to help someone else help me out. It's not like I didn't have some old pros help bring me in too.
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