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Default Suggestions on a career path?

Hello all,

It's been a while since I've posted here, but I see the forum is still filled with many supportive and active members. I'm currently a college freshman, and I'm realizing how (at my school at least) quickly one is expected to make a decision about degree and career paths. So I just thought I'd see if anyone here had any suggestions for things to look into as I post general characteristics of a career.

So, as for those general characteristics:

- working with people (team-based)
- working on projects, keeping things fresh
- tangible results
- possibility of travel (but not something entirely travel-based, preferably)
- capacity for growth as I learn more about the trade
- preferably something in which I can help others (although I may be able to fulfill that desire outside the workplace)
- something that gives me some unique stories/experiences

Does that spark anything for anyone? Sorry to just throw this out there, I'm definitely turned around by all of this.

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