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Default Re: What're you doing for Thanksgiving?

Woz, for the background....OK back during the primordial stages of what is America, early settlers had a big dinner to celebrate harvest, having food to get through the winter, things are pretty cool. Expect lots of praying. As it turns out, so did the Native Americans. Different religions, thankful for having food-a-plenty. So the pretty picture is that the Native Americans and settlers shared a peaceful dinner. True history isn't quite so, but there in effect is the origin of Thanksgiving. Basically it all centers around fall harvest I think.

I will be part of the cooking crew for 3 dinners. It's a big to-do every year. The first is at my Aunt Bonnie's. My Dad and I always handle the turkey and a couple other things. Each branch of the family has their own assignment. Then we truck off to my Aunt Mary's...same deal, different assignments. Then we truck it back home, where my Mom's side of the family all comes for dinner. We handle most of it, and my Mom's sisters bring their famous TG dishes. Dad and I start cooking the morning before. This year we're brining our turkeys. One will be smoked, and the other deep fried. It shall be awesome. I usually fast for a couple days to compensate all the food. TG is my fave holiday of all.
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