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Default Re: Recording With Four Mics?

I would recommend buying just two microphones to start with - get two of the best cartoid condensers you can afford, they make such a difference. With a couple of good condensers you can get a long way towards a nice drum sound as long as your drums sound good on their own in the room.

The only thing that will be missing in the a big way is a bit of the snare drum top head tone and the low-end from the bass drum, so adding those microphones later once you can afford a Shure SM57 and an AKG D112 seems the smarter approach. That way you'll end up with some very usable live microphones too.

Most cheap drum microphone packages are pretty lacking, IMHO, and if you're just recording into a 4-track then you're not going to have the extensive EQ and dynamic processing available that makes close-miking a kit work.

So yes - best overheads you can afford, the rest later!
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