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Default Re: Genie Krupa

Originally Posted by Dr. Neaux
I believe he was also "instrumental"(pun intended ;P) in the development of the tunable tom-toms, the hi-hat and is believed to be the first to actually record with a bass drum in the studio. And he did make the drums a solo instrument and was responsible for making the drummer a highly respected and high paid musician. As Buddy once said about Gene: "Gene was a great, great genius of the drums.....Can you imagine jazz without Gene?" Here's to Mr. Showmanship himself, Gene Krupa!!!
I really, really agree with you. I'm sure that he's probably my favorite Big Band drummer. Buddy Rich is my second...tho most would probably argue that he SHOULD be my first...
Also it's a good thing he helped drummers get respected, otherwise all the people in band class would say im not even a musician. Haha.
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