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Default Re: The best of Craigslist

Here is my theory of the average craigs seller.

This person wakes up one fine morning and they realize that they want to sell something that is collecting dust around their home.

They boot up their computer for the first time in years and they somehow manage to find the eBay site.
They try to post their item on eBay and they soon realize that it requires a functioning 4th grade level brain, a limited knowledge of computers and the internet, salesmanship, the ability to put a picture on a computer, and the ability to write a legible ad.
They also notice that the eBay items have been dusted off.
Then there is the fact that you have to have a Paypal account!
You will also have to ship your item to far away places like New Jersey!

Thats it for them! They are craigslist bound after that mind blowing eBay experience.
I kind of like old drums:)
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