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Originally Posted by tylernator
Yeah Van Halen is my favorite band!!!! They have so many great songs!! It was pretty kool because when Sammy Hagar came too my town for a concert a couple of years ago(i was only 13)Me and my family went up too the front of the stage too get a better view, and sammy saw me and he waved for me too get on stage. So my dad picked me up and i got on stage with sammy and got rock out with em!!!

┼nyway, Alex is a great drummer!! He has that unique snare sound that stands him out from the other drummers...I dont think hes the best of all time at all, but overall i think hes a very good drummer that should get more credit in my opinion...The song hot for teacher is a awesome song, but i heard the beggning was over dubbed with extra bass drum or whatever too get that sound. Is that true??
You know what? Sammy Hagar and Van Halen just got together, just to tell you. I missed it unfortunately. I really wish I coulda' seen that. I'm pretty sure in Hot For Teacher, he really did play that. Anybody with 3 years experience or so could probably play that, but I dunno' since I don't have that much experience :-p
Also, how does he get that snare sound? I'd probably try and tune my snare to be like that. It's really cool.
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