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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

I just got a used Duallist and though it had an issue or 2 after tinkering with it for a couple hours and having to install a new bass clamp (someone took the original) Had to make adjustments to keep the slave beater stationary in single mode but now I am very happy! Though it will take some time for it to become my "gigging" pedal what I've seen so far has got me very foot speed has just doubled!! I was pretty good with right foot anyway but now its incredible.... My ego is soaring thinking of doing my 1st solo with it and having the chance to do 16ths for a very long duration. That was my problem with a regular double pedal I could do very fat double beats but for only a couple minutes now not only can I do them for as long as I want but its 1/2 the work! The drawback for me is doing some of the more intricate stuff with it i.e. Good times bad times will take a little practice.
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