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Default Re: You have to “make it” outside your own country first

I though this was just a Canadian-centric issue. We still don't even give Rush the respect they get elsewhere - Bryan Adams had to leave, Celine did her Vegas stint... Neil Young had to get his start in the States... We still got Anne Murray though!

It feels like a school yard where the new kid won't be accepted until one of your friends does and you're already in the catch 22.

I see no benefit to actually relocating the band from a country, (unless there is zero music happening), but touring elsewhere certainly ups your cred.

At the end of the day though, "making it" shouldn't be a priority with music - having fun should be. If I looked at it that way, the past 20 years of my life would have been a failure, but instead, I look back at how awesome of a time I've had and what great experience it's been.
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