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Default You have to “make it” outside your own country first

OK, let's have a discussion, on what often gets brought up in conversation by musicians or is even spoken like some kind of mantra for succeeding: that an original band must relocate and find an audience elsewhere in the world before their fellow countrymen will take much notice of them (or respect them).

Obviously, if a band resides in the USA they can probably make do with playing up and down every state, what with 300+ million people living there. So where does that leave smaller countries?

Do bands feel it’s inevitable that they must move to another country to prosper financially? Yet, just like with Hollywood, moving to some magical place on a map doesn't equate success per se and can be like moving from a pond to an ocean.

Doesn't the Internet allow bands to see where their fan base are living (thanks to IP mapping – which tells them where traffic is coming from onto their website), and then gauge where they might do well when they choose to tour? Or would moving just allow for easier circumstances for touring and playing more frequently?

What bands here would consider moving, and why?

Do you think it will impress a record company (if that's what you're after) or other people by demonstrating that you are willing to up sticks and leave to play music?

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